Do you have questions?  Have a look below to see if we can answer them for you.  If not just send us an email.

Are they invasive?

We guarantee that all of our seed bombs do not contain invasive species. In fact, our seed bombs are all native species, and friendly for our ecosystem.

How do you color them?  

Our seed bombs are colored using food grade dyes, as well as natural dyes made from beet, cabbage, and spinach.

When can I throw and grow?

You can throw your seed bombs form spring to fall, as long as the fear of frost has passed.

Where can I throw them?

You can throw your seed bombs wherever you would like, but be respectful of other peoples property and naturally thriving ecosystems.

What are the seed bombs made of?

Our seed bombs are made out of 100% recycled paper, and a mixture of seeds depending on what bomb you want.

The recycled paper is cleaned to get rid of any harmful chemicals that may be in the ink, as well as the paper.

Are your seed bombs pet friendly?

Our seed bombs are pet friendly and can be thrown where pets and animals frequent.

Are your seed bombs environmentally friendly?

Yes our seed bombs are 100% environmentally friendly.  They are completely biodegradable and compostable.

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